Use org-lint to clean your org-mode files

August 11, 2015

Posted in: org, emacs.

1 Use org-lint to clean your org-mode files

I organize my tasks with Emacs org-mode. As a side project, I have been working on parsing my org files to perform analytics. It would be possible to do this in Emacs lisp, but I would like to have flexibility to do this in Haskell or R. As part of this, I want to make sure that the my org-files are properly formatted.

To do this, you can use org-lint. To get this running, you need to:

  1. Clone the org-mode git repository
  2. Switch to the wp-lint branch
  3. Build org-mode
  4. Start Emacs using this branch
  5. Open a .org file and use M-x org-lint to fix

To do this:

mkdir -p ~/emacs-dev
cd ~/emacs-dev
git clone
git checkout wp-lint
cd org-mode
emacs -Q -L lisp/